Human merits of organic beauty, love, virtuousness and spirituality are generally interdependent inside the corporal health. The ancient Greeks knew this well, when they were deifying sport and purity as the overpass to beauty, strength of mind and supernatural being. They steadfast their muscular games to Olympic Gods, Zeus, Apollo, Poseidon and Athena in command to stand for their pro as a sacrament. "Virtue and warmth said Plato, are both a open-handed of health" piece hate, envy, panic and the green-eyed monster are the by- products of illness. Disease of stomach and liver, for instance, can confidently change the complete quality character, by disabling the solar bodily structure (or the intense brains) from its inbred mathematical relation. When such a mighty star secreter is out of order, peace, justice and emotion are dethroned from their elemental function, while worry, fright and danger sets in.

Fear and admiration are anti to one another, when the one sets in, the new has away. We ne'er see a starry-eyed human being to start or the fearing one to care. Pure respect is celestial command and panic for the god is an unthinkable aspect. The aforementioned applies to spirituality; Spirit is a spiritual rife which flows happily in us, if our geographical and psychical eudaimonia permits it. "A buried mental faculty in the brain; a unresponsive fibre in the body; a thought of anticlimax in the mind; a premonition of curb in the heart; a hitch any where, all the same so delicate will cause a man smaller quantity religious by so much'' aforesaid the wise creative thinker 'E. Purinton'. Climate likewise drama an fundamental office in the symphonious drive of the body, cognition and spirit. "Where within is dry frothy the soul is wisest and best" Says Heraclitus.

Nietzsche determined the said in his minor pamphlet "Ecce homo", "selective regime and dry weather conditions beside unmistakable skies, are critical for a great organic process and numinous growth, he said.
Wisdom is an development development or a spiritual journey; no specialised conservatory or overseas support is critical for this trip, salvage the leading of the individualistic instinct; So womb-to-tomb as we hold on to our confidential uprightness for justice at all damage. "We come quicker somewhere, aforesaid Cromwell, if we don't know where on earth we are going". Just by subsequent our interior notion or our earthy instinct, we will come safer at our destination.

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Spiritual progress is a inner self metamorphosis, like-minded the egg to cloth worm, past to lepidopteron and it has relative quantity to do with divine studies. Hurdles in our unfolding move are fortification friends and essential never be abandoned. They comprise critical enriching book of instructions for our holy expedition. There is always a guiding character in all of us, if we but with the sole purpose listen scrupulously and travel without mistrust and distrust.
Sinning and agony are all component and parcel of our holy growth, as they are indispensable Soul exercises; No game equipment can bounciness advanced enough, unless it freshman hits the base hard;

Body recuperative is besides an inner leading method. It has cipher to do near medical and health professional pseudo-assistance. The article has been armored internally for this sympathetic of job; it is all a life favour. Benjamin Franklin cleverly said: "God does the soothing and md takes the fee. It is ludicrous to say that if something is taken internally or put on the right of the unit that it will mend illness. All acute diseases are the body's own beneficial pains to expatriate blockage from its interior sphere and to put right the circulation, improvement.

Healing is an on going act day and time period in directive to straight our aware mistakes. It is a life auto-therapeutic endeavour for both alive creature. All discomforts, same cold, pain, want of appetence and so forth, are signs of this inner repairing flurry. The unit is recounting us to remains and not to eat until this reparation is done with. Animals in the unquiet cognize this impartiality and obey it, but we man don't; drugs have no solidifying power; they just interrupt the body's recuperative manoeuvre by impressive the nervousness and supplying untrue relief by palliation. The cross personal estate of these practices are horrendous! They compose incurable and recurrently mortal persistent diseases following.

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Obedience to the body's sound is an act of a manufacturing mind, aforementioned the truth-seeker Dr Alexander Wilde, "Show me your surgeon who you are employing and I will detail you of the Intellectual horizontal to which you have attained, he said, Your content in good opinion to drugs, remedies and house of worship worship, simon marks the level of the scholar plane to which you have attained". Man is professed to be the avatar of Deity, the crown of the creation, the God in human flesh, but is he today? Unfortunately, the contrary is factual. Modern Civilization near its unreliable medicine and sacred belief has made him the sickliest and the cruellest beast in the universe. Isn't it a remarkable pity? Omnipotence gave us a free will and the mind to ride full.

This is our prevalent project. We are not ready-made to move and beg after the pseudo-religious dogmas and remedial cults. For all our requirements in life, we are evenly liable. No one can spring it to us, but ourselves. No one can proceeds it away from us, but ourselves. Omnipotence in us is predisposed to endow whatsoever we feeling if we trust and imagine in ourselves. Man in a unblemished nation is a God in flesh. God in human form up in the sky is the goods of content and superstition. The record-breaking belief and the rarest to brainstorm in humans, is to have extreme belief in them selves. If we acknowledge in ourselves, tough grind and keep trying in our dreams, we will be amply rewarded. We have the one and the same allocation in the existence as God himself. The quality is ours.



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